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I Am Spacuna

More Than Just A Way Of Life

Derek Hartley
28 October
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I am a columnist and radio talk show host. My radio show appears daily from 6-10pm ET on Sirius Satellite Radio on Channel 106(you can listen online at www.siriusoutq.com). My PlanetOut.com column can be read at www.fantasymanisland.com and is updated every Friday. Previously, I wrote the syndicated entertainment column Deep Inside Hollywood and have been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines around the world including: The Advocate, Genre, Instinct, Windy City Times, and The New York Times. January 1st, Romaine and I were named "Radio People Of The Day" by The Radio News Daily and Girlfriends Magazine has named me one of the "Men We Love" for 2004. That's all the public stuff about me. If you want to get to know the real me, keep reading.

If tripping down the stairs were an Olympic sport, I would have so much gold around my neck it would snap from the weight. I also like to drink lots of hard liquor, which doesn't make me any more graceful. I am a Double Scorpio with a Gemini moon. That makes me moody, driven, and generally a pain in the ass. On the plus side, I am occasionally hilarious. Lately, TiVo and XBox occupy enormous amounts of my time. In the past, I have been an intrepid traveller (including three trips to Europe and once around the world). Lately, given my radio show schedule, I am lucky if I can squeeze in a trip to the supermarket. Junk will pile up on the floor of my bedroom until dust gathers on it, but if I see a sink full of dishes at a friend's house, I wash them immediately. I throw money away on ridiculous little things constantly, but when it comes to spending big money on important items, I hem and haw forever, often until it is too late. I never want for dates or sex partners, but it is rare that I make a quality connection with someone romantically. Generally, I get the feeling that I am often cast in someone else's romantic drama and I usually play the role provided to me to the hilt. I like to have fun and I rarely dwell on things for long. In fact, a bad memory causes me to often forget many of life's transgressions. On the other hand, if you are unlucky enough to cross my path too terribly, I have been known to hold that grudge close to my heart for decades at a time. And when I speak of it again, and I will, it always sounds as fresh as if it happened yesterday. In addition, I have an incredible disdain for all people. I do not seek the adoration of millions in my hunger for fame. Instead, I only wish to erect an artificial emotional and physical barrier between me and all other people. Now, is that really too much to ask? Also, I am occasionally hilarious.